Contact List + Contact Syncing

Please change the Conversations Requests to be a contact list. Contact lists allows you to save Jami IDs and set your own name to them. This way if your friend whose real name is John Doe but has his Jami name set to “The Superman”, you will know who you are talking to since you know the person as John Joe and not “The Superman”.

Please have the contacts list sync between your devices and have a separate contact lists per Jami account. And have the ability to import and export your contacts list into a encrypted GZIP file which can be backed up.

I think having a contact list inside the app is better since it will keep the contacts more secure and private compared to using the system contacts app on the device which other apps can and the OS could read.

the contact list is already in the account.gz and can be imported, exported and synched

I guess all that is needed is the ability to rename contacts so you know who is who.