Hide contacts panel during video call?

Hi, running latest version on Mojave. Is there a way to hide the left pane of Jami’s main window showing the contacts ? It’s bothering when I want to do a full screen video chat.

Also, when I play with the “show toolbar” option in the menu bar, nothing happens. What is it supposed to do?


Hello ijami,
You can double left click in middle screen to do a full screen video chat. It should working on your platform too. And try the Escape key or double click again to disable the full screen mode. Does it work ?
Happy new year.

Although double clicking does hide the contacts panel and creates a full screen window experience, perhaps hiding the panels and leaving only the video stream without going full screen could be an option. It could add to the aesthetics and make the window more compact which takes less precious screen real estate.

Another idea:
Maybe add an ‘always on top’ option (similar to macOS version of facetime) and have jami’s video calls’ window follow the user across all their desktops.

Thank you and happy new year! :slight_smile:

yea that did the job. Thanks !