How to help improve Android client?

My Android phone is always on. Like most of my contacts that I convinced to install Jamy on their Android phones. So ideally, it should work; but that’s not the case…

My contacts are not technically inclined, and they use the default Android configuration (app downloaded from Google Play). I can’t see them online though they most probably are. My conclusion is that their Jamy app is deep sleeping, and that the default Andoid configuration is not correct.

Though other Linux devices on the LAN are turned on or off, their status on the Android phone and the conversations are not updated…

I’ve changed my configuration a few times while doing tests between Android and Linux. In the end, here are my settings (the wording could be different as I have to translate from the French version on my phone):

  • Account shared with 4 devices
  • Profile online
  • Advanced network parameters
  • System
    • Pushed notifications from Google servers: On
    • Run at start: On
    • Run as background task: On

What would be the optimal (default no-brainer) settings so Android phones can see each others? I can work with my contacts to use these settings and check if that configuration really works.