How to "unswarm" a conversation

I have some jami conversations I have migrated to swarm, but they
are with ipads which apparently to not handle “swarm” yet. How to I
“unswarm” those conversations so I can again use jami to talk to ipads???

‎Jami on the App Store supports swarm

My ipad version of jami is the latest from the app store. I can’t find anywhere in the ipad version of jami to migrate conversations to swarm. All the contacts are on Ubuntu 20.04 jami implementations where conversations had all been converted to swarm. In that state none of the linux contacts would ever find the ipad and vice-versa. My jami account on the ipad had been exported from my account on one of those linux macines before there was a swam capailbilty in linux. On a hunch — I deleted my ipad jami account and re-imported my jami account from that linux machine – but by now the conversations associated with that account had all been migrated to swarm. After that things worked!!! If there were some way to do that migration on the ipad it would have been quicker, but I never found it. I thought only converstations were migrated to swarm and that it wasn’t related to the jami account being used.