Jami under test - looking good

Wow! So far so good, I don’t know what has changed but after revisiting Jami from a year with XMPP/OMEMO there is a vast improvment., even to the extent my brother has joined in with the trial. So far no unjoinable peers, no lost messages when on wifi, using mobile data.

Today’s test is sending an “offline message”. Want to see what happens if I try and send a message when I have no mobile service.

The only consern I have had from an iphone user is Jami is using most the battery with multipule processing threads

Since it seems that you are doing some tests:

Can you reproduce the following bugs (maybe also the iphone user)?

Because it would be interesting if also iphone user(s) can reproduce the mentioned issues.

My Brother is in Bristol and I’m in Leeds, I’m using an android so can only spoeak directly from an Android perspective. Its using Android 9. IIRC last time I used Jami was about 18 months ago and there were plenty of issues using Android 5.

Just done a test iphone to android video call, my camera image is upside down for some reason but over 3/4G seems to be solid with no drop outs for a 5 minute call.

The interface can do with a bit of tarting up but thats not a deal breaker

Looking at the methods, all is ok with me. There was a bit of pixellation to start but that cleared up after a few seconds

Maybe you need to enable hardware acceleration?

It cleared up nicely after a few seconds. With no stutter or further pixelation. Quite impressive

One thing is the battery consumption on iphone. Over 50% on a flagship iphone seems a bit steep. Does anyone know why the battery consumption is so high and how it can be reduced?

So far am impressed with Jami’s development however a couple if improvments are needed mainly in iOS. Mainly the battery usage takes top spot by a distance for battery usage. When shating a location, there is no map showing. The sync is working great

been testing Jami for about a month now. Although a bit rough around the edges, every message is getting though the main issues of the past have gone. Only a couple of things of annoyances are;

For some reason during the day I find I have got multiple sessions of Jami open - I’m guessing there is a leaky function that starts another session. (Android)

The desktop client for Linux is a bit clunky and slow to react to typing, button presses etc.

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