Registering 2 sip accounts cause connection error

When I try to register 2 sip accounts simultaneously, one will be online while the other will have a “Connection error”

How can I register 2 sip accounts simultaneously?

N.B. I use Jami for Android, version Taranis 20220602-01, from F-Droid.

In advanced, Local Port, I guess both accounts are on port 5060, change one

Your solution did not solve the problem but it set me on the right track to solve it. Both my SIP accounts are using encryption. My guess is that the option “Enable SDES as key exchange protocol” configured the port automatically. I don’t need to set “TLS Listener Port” to 5061 ( encrypted voip port). I just unset “TLS Listener Port” on both SIP account and it worked.

Thank you sblin