Sending or receiving files

Can the file transfer be looked into. Even mid chat file transfer results in Failed to Send or Unjoinable. Seems odd as the text chat is fine. Usually rebooting the phone or reopening the app helps - sometimes.

I’ve made sure I have the latest version from the apple App Store.

you should mention which OS you are on… As you mention Apple, is it iOS or MacOS for instance?

I also get failed to send because of ‘unjoinable peer’ when trying to send file via proxy. then when shifted proxy off, the file was able to be sent. is my file supposed to be be able to send even on proxy enabled? I am using the latest android version from f-droid. the recipient was using windows desktop version. Canada to Austria.

Is behaviour affected by vpn not being a p2p vpn? thanks.

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Sorry I forgot to mention. My iPhone 5s is running iOS 12.5.2.

I get more luck when sending via the Linux Jami client.

As a test Android vs iPhone I let both phones go into standby at the home screen for about 30 minutes and check their presence from the Linux client. For me iOS has a habit of showing Offline where Android is always showing available. Just a small thing moreover it would explain why i do not get notifications of new messages on my iOS device until I wake it up and open Jami - then I get a stream of “queued messages”.

I’m still staying with Jami despite some of my converts have gone back to whatsapp due to the “quirks” of Jami.

The highlight from my converts of past and the have left Jami is file transfer. As a average user maybe adopt a “Wait and retry” rather than a “Fail and give-up” method for File Transfer. I have succeeded in initialising a transfer after 2 or 3 retries. It seems once the file transfer session has started it will succeed.

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@amtrakuk I think this issue of not being able to send items all the time is linked to the fact Jami intentionally refuses having a central server (which is the condition to being unstoppable by any government, for instance).
Now I think I saw development here on group chat, which, maybe, will allow more permanence. We should search this in the doc, because I didn’t look at this in detail up to now…

@Herve5 Thanks for the reply. I understand Jami doesn’t use central servers to “assist” however on the basis file transfer normally succeeds after about 3 attempts. To help negate the file transfer issue can the client have a setting for the user to set either the number of attempts or maximum time to automatically retry file transfer in the background? I feel this will help negate the need to change the infrastructure and improve file transfer.

@amtrakuk Being an ordinary user like you I didn’t discover such a setting, but I see, in the ‘advanced parameters’ in my Linux Jami app, that I can ‘turn my account into a conference server’ : maybe, by leaving such a computer app always on as a conf server, one’s phone Jami app that is not always on could still recuperate a file sent while off?
Maybe worth trying?