Splitscreen and text alignment in chat

New user here, trying to find a reliable alternative for Skype. Liking Jami so far, but two things bother me:

  • I can’t seem to get a splitscreen between my cam and the cam of the other party when making a video call. Skype offers this option and it’s ideal for calls that need to be recorded.

  • Text alignment in chat isn’t available as far as I can tell: text from the other party is aligned left, my text aligned right. Using a large screen here: it’s like watching a tennis match up close when chat is in maximized mode (which it always is, also for videocalls), very tiring (and unnnecessary). Alignment to the right would be perfect: different colors are already used, really don’t get that nobody thought of this.

Is there a way to change these things? Haven’t found any plugins for Jami to fix these things.

Thanks in advance!