'unjoinable peer' when sending files


When sending a photo
from Android 10 app (it says (beta) in the playstore) - It was 1 version prior to “20210421-01”…
(sorry i updated to see if it “retry option was added”, but forgot to write down the version nr.)
to windows 10 Qt client - “(BETA) 202104171042 Together”,
immediately the android client said ‘unjoinable peer’, and i cant ‘retry’.

Calling also didn’t work from either side.
After toggling both clients “enable account” option, sending-files and calling worked again.
I feel users have to toggle enable that too often.
Sadly it makes people hesitant to trust Jami technology,

The unreliability of messages, files and calls actually arriving was and is troubling.
That and
1- no way to find out which part of the connection to the peer fails.
2- no “clear retry mechanism feedback” nor “retry button for user” for all unreliable communications.

(Note, with calling the feedback regarding separate states of searching and ringing is good though)

This unreliability is why we won’t abandon Whatsapp (me and people i know).
i don’t think ‘swarm’ affects/includes the re-sending files part. does it?

i like to help find out what/why it fails, to improve Jami

It will completely changes this part in fact and already in review

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I ave this problem too. I noticed that occasionally it works and I don’t know why. I would recommend a re-send option so a message can be resent on failure.