A Push to Talk Feature?

I think incorporating a push to talk feature would be amazing. Jami seems like a platform that would possibly offer privacy to Zello users who have concerns over privacy. To me it seems the foundation is kind of in place already. Is this something that I could try and develop myself as an add-on?


Hello. It is imperative to add the ability to activate the Ptt function and automatically play voice messages when they are received; it is also necessary to provide for this function a more convenient button on the smartphone screen. Ptt will allow work on low-speed Internet networks, as well as through TOR networks or similar, it is also necessary to add low-speed voice codecs (Melpe1200 (2400), Codec2, Silk), and make an automatic Jitter buffer for voice communication via TOR (Orbot), this is significant will increase the privacy of the application as a whole. Thank you.

This feature will be added in the future.
See: The Jami conferencing system

Now that this is done, we plan on improving the audio managing systems with features such as push to talk.

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