All my contacts disappeared

All my contacts disappeared after the last update.
I tried all sorts of options like doing a forced shutdown and deleting the cache too to be offline.
No result
I use androit and download from f-droid

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Try going into settings/apps, find Jami and force quit, then re-start. Everything should come back.

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I tried before but it didn’t work.
In the evening I decided to turn off DHT, turn and stun.
There was no result at the moment and I left it like that.
In the morning my contacts were already there.
I honestly can’t figure out what was causing the contacts to disappear nor what was causing them to appear.

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I’m using the Android version from f-droid, and experienced the same temporary loss of history after the last update. I found that I could reply to a message directly from a notification, but the application itself showed no history. This lead me to speculate that there were processes running from two separate instances. That is when I tried force quit and re-start. Since then, no anomalies. How are you doing with notifications? Do UnifiedPush and ntfy work as expected?

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I experienced the same symptoms: no more conversations nor contacts, and a Jami message inviting to create a new conversation. I had to restart Android to restore the situation: all contacts and discussions appeared back.


Hello @pmetras @Iacobus @no-M

I had the same issues for a while two weeks ago, now it works.
It mostly has been debugged. Does any of you still experience this issue?

Jami’s community manager.

I had the issue yesterday when I restarted my phone. After a few hours, the problem disappeared: that’s correct today.