Am I able to create group chats?

Am I able to create group chats on Jami, I haven’t imported any friends so I am not too sure about this?

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Jami doesn’t support group chat yet, it’s a current WIP

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I see, thanks man.

Also is there read receipients? Can I do direct calling from my desktop computer?

About the group chat new feature. I would be happy to contribute testing and documentation if needed.

For those interested to contribute to the new group chat (swarm chat) feature:

I’m assuming that by “direct calling” you mean calling a landland phone number. For exemple 123.456.7890 Then the answer is yes you’re able to do this with Jami SIP feature.

If you’re not familiar with SIP with Jami, in summary it’s two steps:

  1. Step 1: Get an SIP account at any supplier to your liking. Average cost ranges from USD $5 to $50 monthly. For exemple at:
  2. Step 2: Create a free Jami SIP account. Then using Jami, connect it with your SIP supplier. Steps:
    1. Go to your Jami account settings:

      1. On GNU/Linux and Windows, click the gear at the top right corner of your Jami interface and click the Account tab.

      2. On OS X, click Jami on the main menu of your Mac, and then click Preferences and the Account tab.

    2. Add a SIP account

    3. Under the list of your accounts, click on the arrow to the right of the Jami button, select SIP and click on the + sign

    4. Enter your SIP settings

    5. In the General tab, fill in the fields associated with the address of your server (IP address), your username (extension) and your password.

With a SIP account, security is not guaranteed by default. It depends on the SIP servers used. In order for your data to be encrypted, you must enter the security information associated with your SIP account. Indicate them in the Security sub-tab. During your exchanges, your correspondent must also have the same security options for them to be applied.