Am I using UnifiedPush or Google FireBase?

I installed Eleutheria 20231215-01 from the F-droid reposiitory on my de-googled phone with Micro-G services core. Notifications worked perfectly out of the box. I later installed and it found the cx.ring UnifiedPush server.

It is not clear to me that my notifications are in fact being served by UnifiedPush rather than FireBase.
Is the F-droid package configured by default for UnifiedPush?

How can I confirm that I am using UnifiedPush rather than FireBase?

In general de-Googling requires constant vigilance less the phone be re-Googled surreptitiously by an app.

If you use and the FDroid build, if push notifications is ON, will show the URL listened in a notification (or if you open ntfy on your phone). Something like “” on one line and “cx.ring” on the second line (cx.ring is the Jami app)

Thank you, Sébastien. shows both cx.ring and the topic URL. All is working fine.