An open-source IDE and Git client for Linux Mint to provide code to

Thank you for your article “How to contribute to translations on Transifex.”

It would be appreciated if you would write an article and/or update how to in the “Developer manual: Submitting your first patch” on providing code to which includes:

  1. an open-source cross-platform (or if not possible for Linux Mint) IDE (integrated development environment) which can do global find and replace

  2. a Git Client which has a GUI to send patches (if the IDE does not have this feature)

This can help unify terminology, and improve the English source strings which can provide for better translation of the Desktop, Android and iOS Jami applications.

Improving the English source translations can help:

  • reduce English source string churn

  • improve the UI (User interface design)/UX (User experience design) of Jami

  • homogenize English strings to assist translators as Transifex automatically translates multiple instances when one has been translated

Thank you once again.

Try Qt Creator (only for jami-client-qt)? I am not sure if there are alternatives to xcode and android studio (Prebuilt binaries are not free).

I think most IDEs have git integration.

Which jami-client-qt file opens the project in Qt Creator? Thank you

Just select /CMakeLists.txt in Qt Creator.