Android: everlasting syncing data notification

As the title suggests, once a day i get the notification that lasts forever and disappears only if i force stop the app and relaunch.

Does Jami requires my home router for some open ports? not always I would be able to control the open ports (such in my work office where i do not have control over the firewall)

Hi @roizcorp, is this the same bug?

Jami should not require port forwarding in general because it uses ICE to set up P2P connections between two clients. So ICE should figure out how to use a port on your router automatically if your router has UPnP enabled. You can enable the STUN server to improve this process.

You are correct that sometimes behind corporate gateways you might be blocked from making a direct P2P connection. One way to get around this is to enable a TURN server, which acts as a relay.