(Android Tablet) Show which accounts are online

On a Android phone and desktop, when you tap the accounts button and it shows a dropdown of all of your accounts, it shows which accounts are online by having a green circle on the account profile picture. This is now the case however on Android tablet. When I tap the accounts button and the dropdown shows my accounts, no green circles are shown even though there is a green circle on the current account I am using on the tablet indicating my current account is online.

Are you using your own account in the contact list?

This is a UI-bug (but all Android devices?):

I do not know what you mean by using my own account in the contact list, but it looks to be #944 issue on Jami Android.

Normally you create a Jami account (“yourusername”) and you add different contacts so you have contact 1 and 2 (“anotherusername1”; “anotherusername2”) in the contact list.

However, you can also add your own account so you can communicate with yourself using a different device. (You send files and/or make calls “yourusername” <-> “yourusername”; Useful if you want to transfer files between your computer and Android device)

It’s described here:

I was not messaging myself but I find this bug was not present when my theme is light theme during the day

It must be an issue with your mobile application development process the dev did not add any functionality to highlight the account that is available.