Android TV update?

On my Android phone I received an update for Jami version 20201016-01which added Android TV: added howescreen channel

Can anyone explain what this Android update is all about?

Is this a valid update or some flaw in Android update ?

I don’t use the Play Store myself, so I’m not sure. That said, I think that mention of the “Android TV” there is in the changelogs, and the changelogs are probably shared between the various Android versions (phone, TV, etc). So, I would think that the bits about the TV version simply aren’t relevant when installing the phone version.

I afraid I’m going to need a little more detailed information if I’m to consider this application secure.

The update states it added home screen channel? Where can I find the details of this Android TV update?

The Android version of Jami is compatible with multiple Android platforms, including phones, tablets, and Android TV.

Android TV allows apps to register a “homescreen channel” (also called recommendation channels):

They are simply a row of cards on the homescreen, provided directly by the application. Users can manage these “channels” (reorder, add and remove them).

This update of Jami adds support for these channels, allowing users to optionally add a “Jami” channel to their homescreen, to call their frequent contacts directly from the Android TV homescreen. This change only affects Android TV users.

Thank you. I understand the relationship of Jami and Android TV. Keep on Jami ing.