Android version can't receive information from both accounts

I have previously used jami in debian and ubuntu platforms, and jami can function normally.
On my Android phone, jami can register an account normally, and find other accounts in the search, and can alse add other accounts to address book normally. But when I send messages to other accounts or other accounts sends messages to me, I can’t receive messages and jami doesn’t receive any prompts or errors.

Maybe you can get the logs and report the issue using Gitlab:

Just be sure to remove / replace your Jami-ID and other personal informations from the logs.


Thank you for your reply.
I think I already know where the problem lies. GFW, as know as the Great Firewall of China, prohibits the TURN and STUN protocols, which has caused my Jami to be unable to communicate property.
I think this problem can’t be solved within China, so I had to stop using Jami.