Animated Stickers

It would be great if Jami had animated stickers and the easy import of stickers from other messengers like Telegram, in GIF formats, etc.

Some messengers have limitations on the size of the sticker, I think a maximum of 5MB per sticker is appropriate. Most Telegram stickers are 3-4MB.

Like this sticker that has a size of 3.69 MB.

Also an easy creation of packages of animated stickers in a decentralized way (without the need for intermediaries for approval of the package or centralization of the stickers).


and a cute hug bear please!


Hello, and thank you for the feature request :slight_smile:. It was previously requested on one of our bug trackers at We will post any updates about it on that issue.

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Would be great if Jami had its own stickers like Signal and Telegram does.

And to be able to send GIFs easily but by retaining privacy and keeping the app open source.