Anonymous feature of groups

We know that Jami’s group is composed of members who act as nodes, so these members can also provide the function of synchronizing chat records for other devices.
So can we forge a user with a non-existent ID, send an anonymous message, and then randomly synchronize the message to a node, which then synchronizes the message for the entire group. So, as long as a group has more than 3 members, it is difficult to track the source of messages, and as the number of members increases, anonymity and security will also increase.
Is my idea feasible? This may be a feasible approach to providing anonymity in Jami.

We can set a number that only we know, which is different from the regular Jami ID, so as to hide the sender’s ID information. At the same time, with the help of group nodes, we can to some extent hide our own IP information.
And no one can know whether the messages we send using anonymous IDs are received from other users or sent directly by us.
It is entirely possible that we received messages from other nodes and then synchronized them out.

  1. Message signed by untrusted key is not allowed, so it will be ignored.
  2. You haven’t design any defense against traffic-analysis.

So this requires Jami to set up new mechanisms for anonymous users, which can be improved, perhaps

Perhaps users can apply for a new anonymous user with a fixed length that is different from Jami’s ID length in the group, and it will appear in the group’s list. However, except for the first known node, no one can know which account created this anonymous user.
And who can be certain that they are the first person to receive messages from anonymous users? Therefore, no one can know who created the anonymous user or who sent the anonymous message.
Anonymous users can also be kicked out of a group, and their status is the same as that of regular members.

Jami’s traffic is encrypted, which may increase the difficulty of traffic analysis

After Jami reaches a certain number of group members, can a structure similar to i2p be formed

No, maybe not necessary. As the number of people in Jami’s group increases, it may be difficult to trace which node the anonymous message came from.
But this requires Jami to provide institutional support for anonymous messages in the group

And anonymous messages also require public and private keys to prevent being impersonated by others, and the first propagation of anonymous messages can only reach one node, and then the Jami will spread the message out.