APK for android! - google play!

Seriously! APK !!!

Why the apk (for Android) is not downloadable here (while other plugins are!).


The reason we don’t provide standalone APKs is that normally there is no straightforward and automatable update mechanism. That said, Jami is already in the F-Droid.org repository (https://f-droid.org/en/packages/cx.ring/) so you can install F-Droid and then install and update Jami via F-Droid. We are also looking into setting up our own F-Droid repo(s) on https://dl.jami.net as well, and will announce it on this forum when ready.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:


Thank you, but, sorry, it doesn’t help, and the reasoning offered makes no sense!

Trying again, why not publish the APK ?!

Why do you force your users (who are here simply because they have “trust issues” :smiley: to have to trust others too?

What does “normally there is no straightforward and automatable update mechanism” mean anyway?!

And I am not sure what “our own F-Droid repo(s)” is … but again, why shove “F-Droid” in the middle?!


Maybe build it ?
I never try , but I think sometimes to give it a try

Not sure what problems you get into then.
Or read here :

I explained why in my first reply, but I’ll repeat it again: because there is no update mechanism for APKs on Android. When a user installs an APK, there is no feature in Android to notify the user when newer versions of the application are available and let them easily update to the newer version.

This is problematic for Jami because Jami is a fast-evolving application that is under constant development and improvement, and users are highly encouraged to use recent versions (often the most recent version) of Jami. For example, this is an important reason why we build and package Jami for various GNU/Linux distributions on jami.net.

The F-Droid project is a well-established and well-trusted software store that includes only free/libre software applications like Jami and many other free/libre or “open source” Android applications.

I tried to explain/clarify about this above.

Having “our own F-Droid repo” (on dl.jami.net) would enable users to use the F-Droid application for installing Jami, but install Jami APKs that are built by us rather than by the F-Droid project.

The main benefit of using F-Droid to install Jami is that it can check for updates and (optionally) automatically install newer APKs as soon as they are published.

And ultimately for folks whose “trust issues” extend to the Jami project, they can always build Jami from source like @M1k4 suggested. :slight_smile:


Firstly, your response is gracious, big thank you!

Secondly, the worst developed app I have ever used, used to tell me, on startup, if a new version exists. So, if they can do it, then I am sure so can Jami! (it ask the user to manually update, by updating the APK, in this case) … simple! … and BTW, the whatsies does that too – when a newer version is published, it forces users to update (and accept the newer terms, while at it :smiley:)

Thirdly, your explanation is clearer now (thank you) but it still doesn’t answer why Jami doesn’t post the APK, for those who want to go that route (and it IS a very reasonable route).

Lastly, unless people adapt Jami in masses, then we are all wasting our time (more you, than I :slight_smile:) … so, please don’t consider “building your own APK” a reasonable option … it really isn’t :slight_smile: (it is nowhere as simple as downloading an APK and installing it)!

Cheers :slight_smile:

Thinking more about this and talking with a few other Jami core devs, I think there are indeed good arguments/reasons for providing standalone Jami APKs on dl.jami.net that can automatically check for updates regularly or manually, e.g. like NewPipe does. Thanks for bringing this up.

I’ll put a TODO for myself to look into implementing this and will give further updates when ready.

Thank you! Nothing more pleasing than a mature, reasonable response!

Having said that, it is amusing how good, hard working thinkers, who are well intentioned keep trapped in the “geek’s exclusive box” [“our own F-Droid repo(s)” and “you can always build Jami from source”] … if Jami is geared for geeks, then geeks are all the users it will get (and geeks are not plenty enough)!

I wonder why publishing the APK (or self updating app) was not “the default” way of thinking :slight_smile:

If Jami keeps thinking like GUN (one would need a Gh.D. to download/install anything – from an FTP tar with zig files to combine :exploding_head:), then Jami will end up where GNU is (nowhere, that is :skull:)!

Thank you, and best of luck :slight_smile:

PS: I like the versioned posts :slight_smile:

Eagerly awaiting the APK to be published :timer_clock: … is there a timeline for that?

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I don’t have an exact timeline for it right now, but probably some time over the next few weeks. It’s quite high up on my list of tasks. Thanks for your patience. :slight_smile:

OK, at this point, I have to think that either the Jamies do NOT get it, or/and (rightfully so) trust that people do not. But in both cases, the only advantage that Jami has over “what the app” (that will always be better in every other aspect), is still ignored !!!

After all, “what the app” does publish its APK :wink:

Now that it is clear that you are totally missing the point, I have to wonder what did you imagine Jami to be all about ?!!!

PS: I persist no more :nauseated_face: … and I regret that I never had the chance to install this Jami to see if it was worth my optimism (likely not, I will have to now think) … good luck, and, for sure, good bye :walking_woman:

As far as I know you can get the apk using F-Droid.
Link: https://f-droid.org/en/packages/cx.ring/

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