Are there i386 builds?

Hello, are there Jami builds for i386? I noticed, that Debian repository for this architecture exists, but there are no packages in it. I want to run Jami on some legacy hardware.

Hello mdmisch,

It depends.

Wich GNU/Linux distro do you want use to run Jami ?

Downloads from still available for Ubuntu 18.04 LTS in 32 bits or i386/i486/i686 architecture. Here or here There are also builds for Linux Mint 19 and ZorinOS 15.

If you want use an other distro, you can install Jami via the guix package manager on your current GNU/Linux distro Jami sur Guix (gestionnaire de paquet) - #18 by apteryx. I can’t advice Jami Snapcraft or Flatpack i386 builds, too olds for the moment.


Indeed. We stopped doing i386 builds on the Jami server a while ago. @mdmisch would you be able to build Jami from source, perhaps? Though, I’d imagine doing so on legacy hardware would take quite a while.

I’ll ask the team about whether we could restore i386 builds for distros that support it.

I want to run it on Debian 10. Also, I don’t think that having two different package managers in the same OS is a good idea. This may produce conflicts, isn’t it?

I’ll try to build Jami in i386 chroot on another computer when I have some time.

Normally, yes; but in the specific case of Guix, it can coexist and function along with other package managers just fine, without causing any conflicts.

Sounds good, please keep us posted. In the mean time, I’m looking into restoring i386 builds on for distros supporting that architecture.