Automatically delete old messages

Please add a setting to delete older messages on the device automatically to save space

The settings for this can allow for messages over so much time get deleted, after receiving so many messages from a user and have settings on automatically deleting small and large files.


I think this topic is similar to “Self Destructing Messages”. (Maybe just a little bit different)

See Gitlab:

No my suggestion is for your device to delete older messages on the device, not send a message with a expiry on it

Seconding this. Probably not urgent, but this’d help mobile users without a lot of memory or folks like my parents who aren’t very good at keeping track of it. Even something as simple as iMessage’s 30-day and 1-year autodeletion options would be welcome.

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Yeah you mean like a clean up option , to cleanup Jami and remove all older then XX days.
But remove only on your device and not from other people in the chat.

I am not sure if this is possible, I read before the swarm will sync the history back from other people in the chat.
So maybe there must be a setting to ignore older then XX days

Most likely a setting would be needed to ignore messages that are more than XX days old.