Avoid to **overload the Jami ** interface

The introduction
Similar to the million of the world users,
I used skype.com for private video chat and voice calls for ages.
OSs were from Win 2000s till modern linux distros.
I prefer small teelephone sets, with the screen length less 4", and
big and biger computers for my daily communications.
Beter than in the Ukraine’s defense ministry .

Skype sucks
The biggets problem of the skype developers for the users, they made the skype simple application, intended only for the video chat, overloaded by the absolutely uselees functions in the interface. Among them are
advertisements in the way of terrible animees
emojies of dirty yellow color which all the wolrd find attractive in the toilet
push notifcations on / off
hide / show my address or hide / show my nick in the microsoft unknown web site
and similar awfull stuff.
Awfull means it is useless for engineers and out of understanding for the house wife.

To undestand these violtions of the privacy and abnormal spam of microsoft llc, just answer,
did anyone want to invite the anonymous staff or anyone else to your private conversation over the phone? The answer is “no”.

Mistakes of the Jami management

  1. The engineers of the Jami web site followed the similar style of the idotic marketing by entering the multiple options without examination of the needs and without the explantion of what these options are neeeded for:

enable to read receipt | do you read own receipts in your mail box? or not?
Or does this offer mean allow the jami stuff read my personal correspondence in the jami application?

OPEN DHT config where is this config, in your server?
or the user needs to buy the server by him self in addition?

  1. The only reason to use skype of the Microsft
    The skype programme has one advantage over most of IP voice calls :
    the Microsoft LLC use dozen of the servers, where the latency of the call is lower than 100ms in the forgotten islands of the word.
    The normal latency of skype is lower than 35ms within whole US / within whole Europe.

Unlucky India, unlucky Nigeria, unlucky Sudan
But the “clean” TCP latency from India (Nigeria, Sudan) till UK is about 200-230 ms.
It means, the user of India (Nigeria, China, Sudan) needs to have 128Kbts connection in order to hear, at least to hear the party in UK uninterrupted.
For the video connection, the Indian user needs to have >10Mbts constant speed for the uninterrupted video call in 720p quality with the UK party.
10MBts is a de facto standard speed for the qualitative wifi connection.
Not every mobile operator provides guarnteed 10 Mbts speed in UK/Europe.
So, where are your servers located geographically?

Magic insecurity
The most inattracative is the Jami security options:
Whom shall I issue my certificate, for an anonymous team of the jami operator or for myself?
if I lose my certificate, what is the procedure of the restoration of my own account?
Moreover, the tech specialist understands or can guess the meaning of the certificate.
99,9% of users do not.

The jammi connectivity options are offered by use turn and use pnp in addition to all troubles.
What these abbreviation mean for a casual user?
Do the users need to develop your applicaton?

For voice calls, there is the best codec G.729 for the slow TCP connectiion (wifi line),
It costs 10.00USD for the commercial use. The lucky user can find G729 free for his linux.
Where is G.729 codec in the options?

Who needs H263 codec for max 640px video or speex codec for voice calls ?
Nobody nowadays.
All Chineese Android mobile sets, worth 100USD, were equiped with HD camera from year 2015.
Also VP8 is the old fashioned slow codec, worse than H263 on the speed/quality of the compression.
Is it so difficult to apply the H264 commonly used **single codec for video calls?
H264 as an example of the speedy/qualitative compression for 5Mbts stable connection for Chinse Android phones.
The majority of all countries, such as India have unlucky users (customers).
Their all mobile operators provide the best speed of 5Mbts in daytime and 128kbts in the night time. 128Kbts is a speed of ISDN line.
If only you are not an Indian MP. Than an Indian mobile operator award 50 Mbts connection over wifi for such MP. 50Mbts is a grand speed in wifi networks of india.

For sure, Indians need light codec with fast compression:
For voice calls it is G729/729A, G722/G726 grouop of codecs.
For HD video calls the standard codec is H264, but not slow VP8 with its max quality of picture of 720p/30fps in theory.

So, what was a reason to offer to use the obsolete codecs or codecs of a slow compression ?

Spell checker
Users of this tree offerred to add the “spell ckecker”.
The spell checker is a restriction of the wording.
Majority of modern “spell chckers” change the style of typing of a user in favor of the reserved words. In practice, it means, when a user hurries and cuts the words (“wtf”, “ASL”),
his party receives the set of the unknown machine words instead of the clauses (meaning) of the user.
Use skype for typing the long letters, if you do not know your own language!
Avoid any spell checker in your computer!

What is your name
The normal question: who is a developer / a manufacturer of this program?

What is my name
Finally, everyone has aright to change his name / nick. if i do not like my name Natan, given by parents, I can change it to Johny.
How can a user change the nick and photo in the jami programme?

The Jami engineers
… guested, if the user faces such number of difficulties, he or she will not change the technology of 1950s - it is a telephone of grand mammy in favour of the modern jami.

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I think I can answer part of problem.

Read receipts will be sent to your contacts over the SIP channel between you and your contacts.

OpenDHT configuration is stored on your device. No audio/video data will be transmitted to distributed hash table, audio/video data are exchanged using encrypted RTP channels.

A self-signed certificate can’t hurt you, really!

I guess you mean losing account. A jami account is defined by an RSA key-pair. If an attacker gets your private key, he can spoof you and break encryption, so it’s impossible to provide “recover” service.

You can backup your account.

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