Bot on a server without graphic interface

I would like to create a bot who can send messages to my personnal account on a server without graphic interface. For example I have a rest service who receive notifications and theses notfication are resent to my personnal jami account. Need I to communictae with the ring daemon ?

the stream is

iotdevice-> internet → rest service on server → jami on server → internet → jami on My PC

I will write the rest service in python or nodejs or go

thank for you help

the daemon has multiple API, but you can use dbus for that. Some example are there: tools/dringctrl · master · savoirfairelinux / jami-daemon · GitLab or do a plugin 7.1 Create Plugin · Wiki · savoirfairelinux / jami-project · GitLab

Imho if it’s just a script to fwd messages, a quick python + dbus script is enough