Bug (android version): After-call proximity sensor not disarmed

Hi devs,

thanks a lot for your ongoing hard work improving Jami!
I intend to use Jami (additionally) as a SIP-softphone on android.
But the android version had some severe usability issues in the recent past, so I wasn’t able to use it productivly.
But from time to time I installed updates and checked them on my main phone for apparent fixes.
After the latest update (Eleutheria - 20231027-01), I noticed many fixes (mostly UI related).
Again, thanks a lot!!!

Unfortunately, one of the bigger annoyances still exists:
The proximity-sensor is kept on after (incoming) calls.

Found out myself this is not the right place to report bugs… Thaks to the FAQ resp. the outstanding/exemplary good docs of the Jami project!

Display is off (homscreen locked) → incoming SIP-call is signalled. Leaving it unanswered resp. answering on a different phone.
Afterwards, proximity-sensor will switch display off if your hand comes close, like it would/should intentionally during a call - but display-off stays active dispite there’s no active call and even if I close Jami completely!

Details: Pixel 7, GraphenOS (AOSP 13) Jami Eleutheria - 20231027-01, SIP account on PBX (asterisk based)

I couldnt’t figure out how to realiably disarm the proximity-sensor, but ending established calls sometimes resets the proximity-switchoff. Sometimes I need to call 5 times, somtimes 25times… Looks like any kind of race…
Ending user session helps of course, but that’s a GrapheneOS-only feature, on stock Google or AOSP this would mean a reboot.~~

One minor regression: After the many UI fixes, the font is quiet small/ too small…

Hopefully someone is willing to address this major annoyance.
thanks in advance!