[BUG] big audio echo

Hi, running latest Version 1.84 (20201027) on MacOS Mojave. Had the default audio settings checked. Called from Western Europe to Near East country. Audio quality was cristal clear and the recipient could hear me perfectly, but I heard myself in echo each and every phrase I spoke, which was quite annoying. Any particular troubleshooting for this ?

Hi, what platform was used on the other side.

It was a desktop PC running Windows 10.

I think echo cancellation on Windows is still a work in progress. For the time being, please consider asking the other party to use headphones to avoid/minimize echo.

Well the problem is it’s the other way around. The recipient, who was on Windows 10 could here me perfectly without any echo whatsoever, and me running Mac OS had the echo… (and I was using headphones BTW).

As I understand it, this is to be expected: if the recipient (on Windows) was not using headphones, since echo cancellation on Windows is a work in progress and not fully there yet, it does not cancel your sound playing through the recipient’s speakers, which will end up getting transmitted through the recipient’s microphone back to you, resulting in you hearing an echo of yourself.

ok i see. In that case I’ll give it another try with the other side using headphones…