Call recording?

Why is there a setting for recording calls. you can hear both parties voices. Is there a way to turn this off so that they can’t hear you when you record??? Who would ever implement this setting into an E2E chatting service.

I know right. very weird. not only that. jami desktop has a ‘record local video’. not sure how that works. can someone record secretly if on a video chat? if that’s the case, that’s not good. there should be some kind of indicator icon, the video chat is being recorded. if that is already in place good., if not, that’s bad.


These are convenience options, since Jami is supposed to be useful for everyone, including businesses and groups. Recording meetings can be useful for many people.

There is no notification that the other person is recording, although it may be implemented one day. However, it is impossible to enforce this because Jami is Free/Libre software and anyone can modify their client. This feature is simply a built-in alternative to screen recording software which already exists and would be impossible to detect anyway.


This is false.

There is no notification that the other person is recording,

Daemon sends the notification that your contact is recording. At least client-gnome/android/client-qt is showing it.

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@sblin thanks for correcting me. I hadn’t noticed this.