Calls from Windows to Android not working

Hello everybody! We roll-out JAMI in the network without Internet access. Network have 5 IP subnets. In 2 subnets we have Windows 10 with JAMI clients, in 2 subnets we have Android phones with JAMI clients, installed from Google Play. In the last subnet we have Debian 11 server with dhtnode installed from APT package. We use this this dhtnode as a bootstrap for all clients. All other settings disabled. For Android we disable push notifications and allow JAMI to run in background.

Windows 10 clients works just fine - calls, chat, file transfer. When we call from Android to Windows, it works. When Windows calls to Android, Android cannot pickup call. JAMI rings, but Android phone cannot pickup or reject call. After some time call disconnects with error and Jami on Android comletely hangs - only phone reboot helps to make JAMI workable again.

Any ideas how to fix this?

I’m assuming (you didn’t say otherwise) that messages flow and files transfer OK between Windows and Android Jami.

Have you disabled all power saving and other features which might switch Jami off in the background in Android? Have you installed ntfy or similar? Have you disabled everything in Jami except TURN?

Just a few ideas. I don’t really have any idea why this is happening.

Is it possible to retrieve logs and open a ticket if reproducible? I can check.

Yes, this is reproducable situation. I collect couple of log files. I am sorry, I was not able to attach files here. Please see on my cloud link:

You can also use Gitlab:

Bug report guide:

I open ticket. Calls to Android client is not workable (private JAMI network) (#1233) · Issues · savoirfairelinux / jami-client-android · GitLab
Please help.