Can Jami on the phone display a successful message sending identifier

Displaying whether the message was successfully sent can help us better troubleshoot issues.

For example, knowing if the other party is not online or if both parties have not reached an effective connection.

There is no identification of message sending status on my phone, so many times I thought the message had been sent, but in reality it was not sent.

There is another issue, when both Jami accounts are online normally, they are unable to send messages between them.

This issue is often encountered on Android, and I think I may be able to add a log soon to help troubleshoot this issue.

I think Jami groups can add an @ function, after all, calling people without @ is always troublesome

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In fact, what I really want is a message sending status indicator. By the way, after restarting Jami on the computer, the message indicator disappears by default. Although it has almost been successfully sent, there is still a possibility of not being successfully sent. I think this may also be optimized. :+1: :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

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I have the same problem with iOS (sending to iOS, or Android).

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