Cannot connect to Windows Active Directory


First time trying to setup JAMS, trying to connect to windows active directory. After entering all the details I get the error “The information provided appears to be incorrect, the connection to the directory has failed. Please check the information and credentials provided and try again.”

In the console I get an error “[http-nio-443-exec-2] ERROR com.imperva.ddc.core.Driver - Test connection has failed. Results: Connection to host has failed. Reason: com.imperva.ddc.core.exceptions.InvalidConnectionException: Improper close state: Status = OK HandshakeStatus = NEED_WRAP
bytesConsumed = 0 bytesProduced = 7 sequenceNumber = 1”

Have tried using ports 389 and 636 with or without ssl and the account I’m using should have adequate permission to AD, have also disabled the firewall on the active directory server temporarily but makes no difference.

Thanks in advance!

Hi Barnzey00,

Are you using an account with read-only rights.

An admin account may not work it should be a specific account dedicated to read-only.

From Jams documentation PDF userguide.pdf you can see that you should use :


```Option 2: Microsoft Active Directory
If your company provides you with Active Directory for user management, you will need to know
its access information and an automated account which has read-only rights to do use look-

Your admin should provide you most of this information but we do provide a detailed overview
over each field in case you need some extra help:
Port The port on which Active Directory is listening (generally it is either 389 or
Host The address of your server with respect to the JAMS server, your Active
Directory does not need to be publicly accessible but should be accessible to
This is NOT the Active Directory's administration account credentials, but the
credentials of the account which has Read permissions to the Active
Directory database in order to lookup users. The format is generally
Password The password used by the account above.
Use SSL Whenever this server uses SSL for data transmission
Domain Name This is the legacy-formatted Windows Domain Name (i.e. WINDOMAIN)```