Cannot link device - password rejected although correct

When I ask to link a device, my password is rejected (“mot de passe incorrecte”, which, by the way, is incorrect French, it should be “mot de passe incorrect”, no final “e”). However, I use a password manager and I am pretty sure my password is correct.

I have already a number of devices linked (10 maybe, sometimes because I have several systems on the same computer, all systems are Debian, Trisquel or Android), I tried on 2 devices, same situation. I tried changing the password, when I do the action is accepted, exactly with the same password, so “link device” rejects the password that “change password” has accepted. After changing the password apparently successfully, “link device” still rejects the new password.

What is the problem?

Besides, now that I changed the password on one device, does that change the password on other devices or not?

I managed to link another device (phone, with GrapheneOS) from Android. The password that was accepted is the old password. Is the password per device? Or did synchronization fail? Or did Jami on Trisquel pretend that the password was changed while it was actually not changed?

Hi there. This might answer the question. It seems the problem is being attended to.

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Yeah. Unfortunately I can’t do a release for now, so it will be fixed next week. Importing from archive works.