Can't copy 5gb file from jami (fdroid) to linux desktop jami 202112162104

I’m trying to copy a 5gb file from an android jami version fdroid to my desktop with an updated version.
I takes a long time to actually begin the transfer, but failed with 5gb file and 2,8gb.
android is tun and no upnp
same for desktop
this should be ok for file transfer, is think. It works with other desktops.
Desktop 450mb file to android works too
2,8 gb failed with file invalid.
If try to copy a 3,3 gb file to the android , it tells me on instantly that it is finished and on the android after some time i got a dialog ,but it doesnt work and just waiting for the other peer
Is this a version problem. Is fdroid older?

I think you should open a new issue on gitlab:

Maybe you can get the logs.

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Without logs I can’t really know, but if “running in background” is not enabled in the settings, android will kill the app in background, so the big files will probably not go through before android close the sockets.

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