Can't find received file in windows 10


I can see the arrival of transfered file, but can’t open or find it.
Any ideas?

Did you try to transfer a file from another drive?

Because if you want to do that you need to launch Jami as an admin:

My friend send me file from another computer.
I tried run it as admin, it can work now, thank you so much!
though, it changed file name to a very long one, that’s weird, why it can’t just keep the orriginal file name?

I don’t know … Maybe it’s a bug?

Maybe you get the logs:

Click the file message you received, you’ll see it being opeded with another name, which is long and different from the orginal name, and it’s in another folder.
Though, goto the folder you set to download, you’ll see the file exist too, with the orginal name.
Looks like it’s not a bug, but a small careless mistake.
Hopefully, it can be fixed, should be easy.
Thanks for your reply, ECaptainRaj.

Something I missed: have to save first before you can see the file with original name in the folder you set for download.
And in the file retrive message, it shows canceled sometimes, but actually, it’s good.
Maybe not always good, need more tests…