Can't right click on video call

Compiled ring-client-gnome today along with the deps.
When making a call PC -> Android phone(Jami from fdroid) right clicking doesn’t do anything.

After running jami-gnome with ‘-d’ flag this is what it outputs after each right click:

** (jami-gnome:11059): CRITICAL : 01:35:56.064: gboolean video_widget_on_button_press_in_screen_event(VideoWidget, GdkEventButton, gpointer): assertion ‘priv->remote->v_renderer’ failed

It works for me with the latest gnome client. Thanks for the bug report! Would you be willing to report the bug at with more info about your OS and versions of GTK, libjamiclient, etc. so we can try to reproduce it?

Came here just to report this problem.

I haven’t had a chance today to test, but it seems like the problem is for people who are not receiving a stream. I was helping a friend with a problem and wanted to try out jami with screen share.

My computer happens to not have a camera or microphone, but my friend did. So from a video call I could right click and bring up the menu to do share screen (presumably, mine?) and he did not have such option (right-click did nothing). One thing notable is that when I tried to share my screen, it did not work.

Hi @openletter, thanks for chipping in. Seems like indeed there is a bug. They are planning on adding a button for this in jami-gnome

(and I think I saw another issue somewhere)

Also, by the way, we will eventually transition to the QT client being the primary client for Linux.

Anyway, the devs definitely know about this now, so thanks to everyone for bringing it to their attention.

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