Changes in addresses of Jami's git repositories

Hello, :slightly_smiling_face:

The Jami team recently updated the names and addresses of the git repositories for various components of Jami to replace the mentions of ring with jami.

The renames are as follows:

ring-client-android -> jami-client-android
ring-client-gnome   -> jami-client-gnome
ring-client-ios     -> jami-client-ios
ring-client-macosx  -> jami-client-macos
ring-daemon         -> jami-daemon
ring-lrc            -> jami-libclient
ring-nameservice    -> jami-nameservice
ring-project        -> jami-project

These changes have been made on the primary source repositories on (Jami’s Gerrit code review), as well as the mirrored repositories on (Jami’s GitLab) and

For the time being, the renamed repositories continue to be accessible from their old address in addition to their new one, but we strongly recommend that contributors, developers, and package maintainers update their records to use the new names as soon as possible.

Example: if you had previously cloned the jami-project repository from Jami’s Gerrit using its old name, ring-project, you can use the following git command to change the remote address the repository points to:

git remote set-url origin