Chat box location during a call or video


First of all, can anyone tell me if the chat box during a call or video can be relocated, or is it anchored to the bottom of the screen?

Screenshot from 2023-10-22 17-32-03

Secondly, if it is anchored, could I make a feature request to the developers, please, to allow it to be located to the side as well?

This will help readability of messages during a call or video session.

Many thanks.


Settings, Call Settings, Chat, Horizontal/Vertical view

Ahh… Thank you so much. I completely missed it.

What caused this was, I think, that the setting is in

Settings > Account > Call settings

I wonder, and this is just a thought, if a better place for “Call settings” would be

Settings > General > Call settings

Like I say, just a thought.

And thank you for the reply.

All the best.

But they’re per account settings.