Chat content show the wrong sender

all messages that i sent are shown on the right side in the chat box, but the third message is shown by ‘科’ send.

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:person_facepalming: It’s a read status component.

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It means that the other party has already read this message

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But how do you interpret the other read information? Other messages that has been read is unmarked.

But Why jami is markup the only one message? And other messages has no read status.

:person_facepalming: Jami just indicates the last displayed message(s) (I don’t know how many members are there).

Hello @Juva and welcome! :slight_smile:

  • On the left is your interlocutor’s profile picture.
  • On the right, their profile picture is located at the last message they read, similar to other messaging apps.
    If they read a message, they have fairly obviously read the ones preceding it :wink:

Jami’s community manager.

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Will there be a situation where the other party has already read the third message, but the first and second messages have not been successfully sent yet.

Will this cause the other party to ignore the previous first and second messages, and for unread messages, can we add prompts to them to make them more obvious.

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Hello @hkk

Yes, this is linked to our connectivity issues. It still happens quite often, and we are actively working on fixing the synchronization and timing in the chat.
Usually the messages do arrive at some point and are triggered by another action (sending another message etc.)
However, the order may vary from one device to the other.


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Thank you for your work. I have been following Jami closely

I encountered this issue before, which may cause message loss

Hello @Loïc and thanks for your work!
I understand that, but for some messages, receiver maybe has not received some messages in the middle of conversation, the sender think all messages sent by theirself are read by receiver?In other case, when they open jami app, they received large messages, they have not enough time or no interest to read from beginning to end, so usually they just read last few messages to reply or not. Can the sender assume that all messages has been read? I created two accounts to learn how to use jami, the one is added on the jami client that opened on window 10 computer, and the other is added on the android client, the computer and android phone are all connected to a common WiFi but not to internet, the two devices can send and receive messages each other very well at first, but sometimes one lost messages from another, but the sender don’t know, he thinks receiver has read all messages. Look at the loaded pictures, one sent a message at 9:48am and another at 9:50am, but the other one on windows 10 has no received.

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This is good,What if I receive a message sent a long time ago - #4 by hkk