Checksum for download files

Is there a cheksum such as SHA256 hash to verify the files downloaded?
Example the Debian latest download Aoril-2023 is 26d30428bc193136e59ee90a6ad9ca387cbd13427c80fa6e9063061357b7fa78

You can download “Packages” file from repo to view the hash.

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The current version I downloaded from the mx-linux repos is

built on 2021-01-17 21:39:58 UTC

Is that the latest ? Is there a SHA256 hash for the latest downloadable version ?

No, the lastest version is built on 2023-04-12, its code name is Világfa. You can try the “jami-all” package.
SHA256: e2f6eb1d02e87f2dd765983ab23a9113891169f9de1f565d92d17dc64666231e
SHA256: 416be63e6cc3f3b83388b0282283daed2e00578543d289b0709fb53e4b6a7bf2

I heard MX package installer can use Flatpak repositories, if you want to install jami with package manager, you can use it with flathub repo.