CLI or TUI for Jami on Linux/BSD

I wonder if there were attempts to make command-line friendly interface, or is there API to interact with?

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Hi @ggouss, jami-cli is the main effort for a TUI.

Depending on your system there are different options. Jami’s daemon (currently called dring, although it will eventually be renamed) provides a dbus API. Here is an example of using it in a script:

There is also a python command wrapper and of course a Java API for Android.

More documentation here:

Do you want to make a client or some sort of service on the Jami network?

I’m looking for a way to use Jami on terminal, as separate client or on a multiprotocol messenger like, for example, pidgin/finch through libpurple.
My other interest is to use some kind of bot on Jami network for notification/automation tasks.

@wrycode, thank you for useful links, very helpful