Connecting problems

Hi there,
have massiv problems to talk with my son (10 years old with a Samsung A5). I am using a PC with win7 pro 64
We can chat, that works fine. I even could once get a connection with his camera active. But no sound at all. So I closed the connection and tried to call again … Searching … … … … until the time out stopped it. Tried the opposite - my son tried to call me … Searching … … … and so on. We never again got an audio connection. But chat works.
Any ideas whats going on there?


My guess is that both of you are behind nat, and neither of you have a working upnp setup. Which means you cannot establish direct connection, which means your connection relies on the TURN server as a middle-man, and your connection to the official TURN server is unstable or very limited. Or the official TURN server is simply out of capacity. They only have one server, it is just a backup plan after all.

You need to establish direct connection, or setup your own TURN server.

Hi terrytw,
thanks for your reply.

Yes, we both are behind the same router, nated.

I found out that the UPnP service was set to manual start, so I have changed it to start automatically and started it too,

Will test it again wit hmy son.
Provider is 1&1 Could that be the issue ?

TIA. Joe

… some time later …

Ok made the test, this time it worked. But 1 time only. The second time there was again no sound …
How can I see whether it is using a TURN server or its directly connected ?

Now I have to solve also another problem: My headsets microphone is accepted by Jami and works, but Jami always jumps back to the Default Speakers. Each time I change it to my headset and switch the tab and come back in the Audio/Video Tab its back on default speakers …

Hi there,
made right now another test. My son can hear me, but I can’t hear him at all. I checked the audio settings and as already said before it switches always back to Default Windows settings. So I dropeed Jami in the task manager again and changed the defaults in Windows, started Jami again, but … still I can’t hear anything. Will test it now with my daugthers phone Samsung Galaxy 10+.

Someone with any ideas ?

… a few minutes later …

My daugthers account has been deleted … Guess she hasn’t used since a month or more, because at that time it already did not work, but she was not at home. So I did not try to find out whats wrong. She will now register again … if this works …

… another few minutes later …
Yes she could register again. And now it works !!! We found out that on my sons mobile phone the right to use the microfone was not given to Jami, a communication software …

Now it works as well - can talk and see both.

What’s left ?

  1. Well Jami seems to support in Windows 7 only the Default Audio devices, even if listed in the setup, it does not use them and switch back to the defaulte.
  2. Jami does not accept new Audio devices after it has been started. One has to drop Jami in the Task Manager out of the system, change the Audio devices to default and then has to start Jami again.

If one uses a headset and intends to wear it only when needed, the ringt tone will not go to the speakers but the … headset :frowning:
3. How can I as a user identify whether his/her current communication goes over a TURN server or not ?

OK that is a lot of information, I’m gonna try to break it down.

1.So you are in the SAME network, then you should have no problem with the direct connection part. If you both connect to the SAME router, you most likely have IP addresses in the same range (e.g. you have, your son has and should be able to connect to each other without problem. The TURN server would not be involved in your case. You can toggle it off in the “account” tab, “advanced” option page, if you are still able to connect, then you can confirm that you and your son are indeed directly communicating with each other over local network. Upnp is not required neither.

I thought you were at different locations, because normally calls would not happen for people in the same household. You only need to worry about connectivity issue when you are using different networks, i.e. home/work, home/mobile, mobile/mobile(most tricky type) etc.

2.It seems that your main problem is with audio devices, that is very complicated, because maybe it’s your motherboard, maybe it’s your headset, maybe you system lacks some driver, could also simply be a bug from software, there are a lot of possibilities, my only suggestion would be to switch devices, use a different PC, a different phone, see what works and what does not. Can’t really help with it.