Contact request netiquette?

I once have posted my Jami short somewhere to help someone try, and maybe due to that, now from time to time I receive spontaneous contact requests that rank from ‘I saw you on a BBS’ to just no text at all.

I just refuse contact in these cases (at the very least I’d expect something like ‘saw you there and I-would-like-to-try-if-it-works’), but I’m wondering if there is a specific use on Jami for first contact requests?

Is there a general use, a manner to send something along with the contact request -a kind of ‘Jami netiquette’ in a word?

Thank you!
Hervé (who doesn’t dare adding his Jami short here now! :smiley: )

Yes, they should say where they got your contact info (just like with phone numbers or email). Probably was a good idea to remove it.