Could the download web page for GNU/Linux be updated for Trisquel 11.0?

The download page for GNU/Linux is listing Trisquel but only in versions 10.0 and 9.0 while the version 11.0 is out.

I noticed that the instructions for Trisquel refer to the versions for Ubunutu, which are compatible, so I am using the version for Ubuntu 22.04 on Trisquel 11.0 and it works fine.

Could the download page for GNU/Linux be updated to include Trisquel 11.0? Thanks.

Hello, I believe there is no downloadable version of trisquel 11, because in Jami, it is already installed by default in trisquel 11. I have installed trisquel 11 kde in a virtual machine and it was already installed by default, so I believe that Jami is already included in the official repositories, just one:

sudo apt install jami

to install.

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