Creating SIP Account?

How do I create a SIP account entry? The FAQ says:

On GNU/Linux and Windows, click the gear at the top right corner of your Jami interface and click the Account tab.

But under the “Account” tab I don’t see any place to create an account, even under “Advanced”.

You can use Jami as a SIP client. To configure Jami with an existing SIP account:

  • Go to “Add Account” page:

  • Click on “Advanced features”, select the “Add a SIP Account”, then enter your SIP settings:

I do not see an “Add Account” page anywhere. The screenshots you sent were of what? A smartphone app? I’m on Linux.

The screenshots are from the Windows version but you have the same screens on Linux.
If you already have an account on your device, click on your account name (not the gear) on the top-right-corner, then click on “Add an account”. You should then be redirected to the screenshots I’ve shared to create a new account.

No, it is different. If I click my account (not the settings wheel) I do not see the image you showed in

Instead I see three buttons:

Create local account
Import from device
Import from archive backup

No others.

EDIT: wait there is a very hard to see “Advanced” button that has

Connect to account manager
Add a new SIP account

Okay thank you.

A little off-topic but will my new SIP account be able to securely connect to another Jami-based SIP account using SRTP?

This will be the case if both your SIP provider and your contact’s SIP provider support and have enabled SRTP.

Oh? I thought SRTP was end-to-end encryption, so it only had to do with the end software used? I guess I don’t understand SRTP. Do you know a good resource I can learn from?

Does it possible use Jami just for peer to peer calls?