Critical connexion issues android

The connexion issue has nothing to do with the app version. Jami android app updated or not is not connecting properly. Accounts connect randomly. The toggle is often yellow.

Do you use the turn servers?

Hello @User2

Could you give us more details please?
Is it a Jami account or a SIP account? What connectivity issues are you encountering?
Would you have screenshots or logs to share, please?

Jami’s community manager.

Yes, i always turn TURN on.

I’m using Jami accounts. Hier is a screenshot. In this situation, even rebooting the mobile does not solve the issue.

Seems related to DHT…

What is this version? build/play store/fdroid ? What are the logs saying? Is it using push? DHT Proxy is on/off? Do you have something special like a VPN?

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Play store version, i have a vpn and DHT is enabled. I don’t have logs. I don’t know how it works.

Settings, Diagnostic Logs

Do your VPN lock some kind of traffic ?

Sorry, i don’t understand your question. But jami used to work with my vpn enabled.

If you turn off your VPN or use another VPN do you get the same issues?

Or if you use Jami without the internet (local network)?

I turned off the vpn, cbanged the server, changed the vpn, but no improvement yet

Advanced Settings
Scroll down

This is already enabled. The issue is not only on my mobile. But ont friends mobile too. And also in the old versions of the app

Sorry, I shouldn’t have sent screenshots without note… I mean you can collect logs at this.

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And remove / replace your Jami ID

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