Delay issues in groups

I often encounter very high delays in groups. On the one hand, having too many chat records can cause certain delays, which requires optimization.
On the other hand, network latency is also very serious. Sometimes it takes a few minutes for me to send messages. If the other party is not on Mars, then I think this is abnormal and packet loss may cause such an impact.
When encountering very serious delays, group messages take a long time to be successfully sent, and devices on the local area network must also tolerate this delay.
This is probably reproducible, as long as there is a device with very high latency in the group.
Local area networks should perhaps prioritize connectivity, as the cost of a local area network is relatively low compared to a wide area network.

This is just a group of 20 people, but the problem can already be clearly perceived

Although I don’t have any groups exceeding 5, I have not experienced such issues. I’m on version 202402141744, Linux install using the Jami repository, not snap or flatpack.

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I have seen plans for repairs