Deleted account

I deleted an account , and i wanted to re-created it with the same name . But when i did it , an error message occured : “The user exists yet” .
Why ? Can someone explain me the issue ?
Thank you for your help .


Due to the way usernames are implemented in Jami, it unfortunately is not possible to retrieve or reuse the username of a deleted account, per the Note for accounts with a username subsection of

I wasn’t fully aware of that.
This probably means that when Jami will be used by millions, one will easily detect people like you and me, just by considering they have a simple username, compared to the millionth newcomer that will be forced to use some John*Doe_5648 :smiley:
That indeed may become somehow an issue (but, on second thoughts, no more than on all other world services…)
P. S. now I’m considering registering immediately the username ‘OKboomer’ :smiley: