Deleting contact(s)

I’m on OSX Catalina and I want to delete a recent ‘contact’ but right clicking does not produce the option to do so. anyone with a similar problem and a solution?
thanks a lot.

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I’m also on Catalina. Here’s what it shows me:
What does it show you?

@QJM07 thanks for that. how do you engage ‘right click’ on your laptop. I assume you’re using a laptop. when I click on ctrl, alt, OR cmd AND the mause pad, I get nothing, like I did not nothing.

Bingo. I use two-finger tap pretty much exclusively. After reading your message, I tried control+click, and it didn’t work on my contacts list. I think the best thing to do would be to file an issue at Issues · savoirfairelinux / jami-client-macos · GitLab

Edit: Control+click behaves as left-click instead of right-click (#303) · Issues · savoirfairelinux / jami-client-macos · GitLab