Device stop recieving messages after network change

first thank you for the effort of making the application with great qualities - decentralized, encrypted, FOSS.

I wanted to use Jami for needs of my family and friends, so I am testing Jami for few days,
I have some really weird issues, but do not want to burden community with them right now, because it seems resolved for now.

But I would like to ask, if it is a known bug:
When a device changes network, for example from Wi-Fi to mobile data or vice-versa, it becomes unavailable for calls or messages.
They are not delivered. As soon as status is changed from online to offline and then back to online on that device, the undelivered messages are immediately delivered, and the calls are being accepted again.

What shoud I do to get rid of this status flipping necessity?

Linage OS 18.1 2021-01-18 (Android 11),
Jami 20211210-01, downloaded from F-Droid.

As it is degoogled OS without Google PUSH functionality, I enabled “run Jami in background on startup”.

Am I right, that if I need connectivity between devices on one subnet - LAN - setting “Local peer search” in section “Open DHT” must be turned on?
(sorry if the names are not accurate, I am translating back to english from my native language Jami interface)

In the past, I was using ICQ, jitsi+XMPP, trying Ring, then settled on mobile Telegram for 3-4 years, then Wire for 3 years,
and recently I was forced to stop using Wire because of call problems - some of my friends were often unable to correctly establish a call. Issues were random and on different platforms, too. I was not able to promote Wire as a good alternative anymore.
I am seeking replacement, and I highly favor FOSS alternatives. Jami has one great advantage over Signal - registration not dependent on phone number.
I like multiplatform-ity as well.
So thank you for this beautiful app, It seems very useful and mature, I hope it will flourish and work well for all.


I think the issue you had is the same as mine. On Linux I was able to implement a workaround by making a script to force a Jami restart.