DHT connection failure caused by a port conflict

After registering multiple Jami accounts on Windows, I suddenly couldn’t connect to DHT the next day after restarting my computer. However, restarting my computer may fix this issue.

This is very strange, and sometimes only some accounts cannot connect to DHT, while other accounts can still connect to DHT normally. After opening the logs for DHT, it was found that Jami was unable to connect to DHT due to port conflicts.

But the port was not occupied, and another issue that I was not aware of caused the DHT connection to fail.

[Can’t bind inet socket: DhtException occurred: Can’t bind socket on No error] This is the incorrect code.

Delete dhtstate_port.txt file can fix this issue.

Hey @hkk
Was the issue resolved by restarting your computer?
Is this issue fixed?

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Yes, I have resolved it, but must be deleted dhtstate_ port.txt file, I couldn’t find any other way, and for some reason, the port reported an error without being occupied.

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